And was there anything said about women?

There is a lot of questions from women all around the world considering the various pills for erection . The most common question is whether a woman can benefit from them? DO they have any effect on a woman´s body or are they only intended for men? We are here to answer all these questions at once – Yes and no. 90 % of all medicaments of type – Viagra are solely for men. They are made and manufactured with one purpose – to cure erectile dysfunction, which is a problem only men or those with male organs suffer from. A woman´s body does not have „anything“ that would the medicament affect. Even though there has been a study considering the effects of Viagra on a woman’s body.

The study brought nothing new

Except for increased lubrication of labia and inner parts of vagina and a headache there has never been a single proof of a positive side effect of Viagra and all testing was ceased. However there have been some attempts to make a boom in the market with „female viagra“ and if you are a woman we would definitely recommend you focus on these than the typical Viagra for men.